Classes & Programs

Progression camp

A 15 day Intensive progression paragliding camp for autonomous pilots who want to improve their paragliding skills.

The camp will completely  transfom your ground handling, take-off’s, flying and landings skills.


Practical and theoretical courses every day.

What a typical day looks like:

  • Flying in the morning – 8am to 11 am
  • Theoretical course before or after lunch – 11 am to 1 pm or 2pm to 4pm
  • Ground handling and/or flying in the afternoon – 4pm to 8pm

A great flying trip adventure :

In the second week of the camp, we will go to Pisagua. It’s a little village 2 hours north of Iquique where there are 3 very nice flying spots.

We will fly there and stay overnight in Pisagua. Bivouac on the beach with barbecue and night under the stars.


Your own flying equipment is a critical element.

Because confidence is more important than performance your equipment must allow you to feel great all the time.  We do not allow equipment that is not perfect for you. If you already own your equipment, we will check it. Be ready, as in some cases we will ask you to change it and to buy the appropriate equipment.

Usually we accept only « High EN-A » and « Low EN-B » gliders.

Regarding harness it’s 99% with seat plate and protection. Of course, we are open for any kind of equipment if it makes sense.


Minimum previous experience of one-week paragliding course.

Fluent in English.

To be over 18yrs or accompanied by a legal tutor (12yrs old minimum)

Good physical condition (medical certificate)


First contact us by WhatsApp


Once we are sure of your wishes, you will receive a registration link from our agency.

Anyway, before the registration we will discuss with you over the phone in order to make sure the camp is right for you.

Equipment options

Regarding:  glider, harness, rescue, radio and helmet.  There are 3 options:

I have the perfect equipment

Great news. Perfect, equipment is expensive and can take time to organize.

You can join the progression paragliding camp directly with your own equipment.

I don’t have equipment

You can buy it all trough us and we will send it directly to your room in Iquique Flightpark. It will be new and perfectly adapted to you. After the progression paragliding camp you will go home with it so you can keep flying whenever you like.

We can provide full pack including: glider, harness, rescue, helmet and radio for 3500€ delivery directly in Iquique.

My Equipment is nOt perfect

You can buy (from us/or not) a  scpecific package that will be perfect for you. For exemple, we do not accept pod harnesses or high level gliders. Let’s discuss it by phone to save time…

“Iquique is like a Theme Park for paragliders, where you can play hours and hours close to the sand dunes of Palo-Buque getting a level up in your handling controls. »

Horacio Llorens – Is mhe most awarded pilot of the history 10 times world cup winner

« We covered so much during the course and are incredibly grateful for the experiences and knowledge we have gained. Thank you François and Loraine for your patience and for sharing your knowledge and experience with us all »

Alistair Reader – Beginner camp 2022

“Iquique is the biggest sandbox for paragliding pilots in the world. Whether you are looking to fly in thermals and dynamic conditions, improve your gound-handling, train acrobatic tricks, go for long or short XC flights or simply to get in your first hours of airtime – in Iquique you’re in for a treat!”

Christina Kolb – World champion 2016



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