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Do you teach anywhere else than chile ?

NO !  Chile is so much better for so many reasons we do not like to coach anywhere else. Glide Paragliding was specifically created for Chile camps.


We mainly set up the camps in late autumn (November-December). Let’s first see if you are motivated and we find the ideal camp.


Yes ! Except if one of us is injured or can’t be there for some exceptional reason (Never happened so far). If this happens, we will let you know and get a another coach who has the right skills, experience and attitude as we know a few of them.

WHY 15 days ?

Because it’s perfect. Less time would be frustrating as you need time to get used to the site before you can really enjoy it. The last 5 days are usualy the most enjoyable moment for our students. We are always happy when students stay a while after the camp to fly by themselves. Longer is better…

Am I realy capable to do it?

Some humans are overconfident, and some others are lack some confidence. in the custom camps we can adapt for anyone, even if you are in a weelchair with a lack of confidence. We will give you our best to make you happy. You must know yourself a bit. Of course, if you are really wondering about it, the beginner and advance camp are maybe not for you. You can always contact us for the Custom camp where we can fully adapt for each case.

How phisical it is ?

Paragliding is not physical, but the learning process is quite demanding especially in Iquique as the days are long and full of action. To join the camps, we advise you to be reasonably fit in order to get the most of it. If you are not fit, you can still enjoy it a lot.

What kind of flying condition is there in Iquique?

Pretty strong. The conditions can be powerful but we adapt the daily schedual to fit the level of each pilot. Basicly, before 9 its very soft and ideal for complete beginners. From 9 to 11 the first thermals gently start with the sea breases. From 11 to 18 it’s strong and mostly for advance pilots. It’s soft again from 18h to 20h for the magic hours… When it’s strong it’s always perfect for ground handling so everyone can learn anyway!

I've booked but I can’t join, what happens ?

So sorry, we hope you are fine. We have the GTC (down each page) for this case, but call us and we make it at is best!

How to book ?

The first contact is by WhatsApp : +33608651437

Once you are really sure you want to join you’ll get a link to register yourself via our agency.


We can take care of your plane ticket, it’s just an option to click during the registration if you don’t like to make it on your side.

When shlouD I book ?

The sooner the better! Especially if we have to order equipment, it can take time. So as soon as you are motivated, sign up! Don’t worry if you are late comers, the best thing is just to call us.

How to pay ?

Directly online on the tourism agency web page. After you finished your registration.

Are there any phisical restriction ?

Paragliding is not physical, but the camps can be intense. The better your physical condition is, the more you will benefit from the camp.

Anyway, we ask for a health certificate from your doctor.

If you have any doubts, let us know, we can always design a special camp (for private or handicaps)

How Old can we start paragliding ?

Every country has different rules, basicly as tandem passenger you can start from 3 years old and as a solo pilot it’s 12yrs.

As the camp is long and far from home we will only accept minors in private camp with parents around. So, for the Beginner and Advanced camps you must be 18 to join a Glide Paragliding Camp.

Why 15 days camp ?

To get the time to transform you. From our experience 5 days to enable you to understand the basics, and 10 days to enjoy and confirm your knowledge… it’s our recipe for the right amount of time in the right place.

How to go there ?

By plane, Iquique airport is 30 minutes drive from the city. It is really easy to get there.

how to bring the equipment ?

Just in the plane hold as any other luggage. It’s not so big… if you buy it through us, we will send it directly there so you can travel light.

Transport during the camp ?

We use a 4×4 van to drive you everywhere. Also in your free time there are plenty of cars in the Flight Park it’s always simple to pick up one if you like to go for shoping. There are also of course taxis and buses everywhere but we do not use them much.

What is the level to join ?

You must be at least able to fly by yourself in calm/easy conditions.

How to know if my equipment fit your requierment?

Just call us and we discuss it.

Can we upgrade the accomodation ?

Of course it’s possible! There are many hotels and big appartments or houses. But the location of the Flight Park is really convenient, so we often prefer to stay there.


To be fil up with the answer

Where do we stay ?

The Flight Park is a guest house for pilots. It was created by a swiss pilot (Philip Maltry) who moved in Chile long ago. The Flight Park is not ‘fancy’ but we love it very much for many reasons. Just by the landing, great view, great community, and a great spirit.

What is the food planing ?

We have a classic kitchen and there is a local market, supermarkets and restaurents just near by the Flight-Park. There is also direct deliveries of many kinds of food.

What is the temperature in Iquique

Ideal all the time! Around 20 degres and it’s very confortable.  Shorts, flipflops and teeshirts on the ground. Sweatshirts, light jacket and light pants in the sky.

How big is the city of Iquique ?

There are 200 000 people. All the facilities of a big city, airport etc…

What else can we do beside paragliding in Iquique

Fil in the answer if you know it cool.  Seriously there are many things but we don’t care as we only go there to fly…

« It’s great in any case, it allows you to progress whatever your level.

I don’t know of a comparable place »

Maxime Casamayou – Pro pilot

« Iquique is one of the places where I feel really good! Change air; fly every day on an exceptional spot, ideal to progress and have fun; make beautiful encounters and share a good time! It’s a MUST spot in a paraglider’s life »

Sebastien Brugalla – Paragliding coach

« Frankly it’s the best! At any level you have a lot to learn. Takeoffs, landings, and becoming comfortable with your paraglider in all circumstances. »

Juliette Liso-y-Claret – Paragliding coach and champion


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