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A simple way to understand Glide Paragliding School is to listen those who know about it.

It’s Magic

We are flying at the most reliable place on earth for paragliding.    IT really makes sense to travel there because there is a huge difference to any other places.




« We coach in Iquique because we want the best for our beloved students »

Flying weather

Paragliding is extremely dependant upon weather conditions. Iquique provides the most reliable flying conditions on our planet! Located in Northern Chile, next to the Atacama desert, it’s one of the driest place on earth (50 years without rain). Located on the Pacifique Coast, next to the desert, you’ll find Iquique and its priceless flying features.

The evolution of each day is always very similar. It starts with no wind in the mornings, then the first thermals show up around 9am, then it gets stronger at mid-day and finally it is quieter again in the evening. You never need to look at the forecast as it’s always perfect for paragliding.


The size and the shape of the terrain is perfect for every type of paragliding need. Free from all kinds of obstacles, it starts from flat ground and then the slopes gets slowly steeper until the perfect angle, all the way up to 1000 meters above sea level.

Space is a luxury and it’s really true when you are Paragliding. At the Palo Buque flying spot you can take off, fly and land anywhere without any trees, roads, power lines or any other obstacles.

Take offs and landing are not in one scpecific place, they are everywhere and anywhere.


There is no other place in the world where you can fly all type of flying and practice ground-handling every day from morning to evening!

It’s the world’s best ratio:

  • Value for money / Airtime / Energy investment / Flying improvement

It’s unbeatable!

« I really don’t think there is a better place than iquique to learn. It’s amazing, you have everything in one place.

I love it »

Bicho Carerra – World Champion 2021

« I really don’t think words can describe this camp. It felt like a two year paragliding course brewed in a 2 week surreal adventure. The impressive location definitely had a huge part in this, but after these past years of seing and listening to different progression stories, I finally understand the real value of how I got introduced in this sport. There’s nothing like it.

Thank you François! »

Elisa Alexandra – Beginner camp 2017


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